IIGP Elevators is the first innovative company who re-introduce the hydraulic lift at industrial scale on the innovation of to doing modern needs in Middle East & Europe and throughout the world as a technically and economically winning alternative to then prevailing traction lift. The soundness of such originality has been confirmed worldwide. At present, the hydraulic lifts cover approximately 40% of the market of new lifts in Europe and 80% in North America. Doctor’s advice use Hydraulics Elevators for safety & vibration free.

There is a great demand for compact Home Elevators in individual bungalows’, villas and residential buildings, to cater to this segment; we can provide you the design which will impress & fulfil for your requirements need/demand.

We have in our range Hydraulic home lift with a passenger capacity of 1 to 50 persons and this system does not require a special machine room and the power pack can be accommodated anywhere building. This also has an advantage that it operates with a normal power supply of single phase.

Architects today give a lot of importance towards the design and aesthetic of the building. The new concept also eliminates any protrusions in the terrace which hampers their design. To meet such needs we offer the hydraulic lift elevator where the entire installation and control mechanisms placed are very small place are shaft and also ensure easy accessibility and safety for maintenance. Over all it is an innovation of technology with maximum benefits.

Hospital Elevators are designed considering the specific needs of the hospital in shifting persons from the OT to ICU along with the equipment. We offer the Hospital Elevators in 3 sizes i.e. 15, 20 & 26 passenger’s capacity. A 15 passenger Elevator can only accommodate a Stretcher and two persons whereas 20 & 26 passenger capacity lift can accommodate an OT bed along with Oxygen Equipment etc. The Hospital Elevators are offered with specially designed Telescopic Automatic doors to have maximum clear opening of the entrance.

There is a great demand for Hydraulics Elevators in individual bungalows, villas and residential buildings, to cater to this segment; we offer wide range of elevators of different sizes to suit your requirements.

The electric motor in this design drives a gear-type reduction unit, which turns the hoisting sheave. While slower than a typical gearless elevator, the gear reduction offers the advantage of requiring a less powerful motor to turn the sheave. These elevators typically operate at speeds from 0.32 to 1.5 meters per second and carry loads of up to 3000 kgs. An electrically controlled brake between the motor and the reduction unit stops the elevator, holding the car at the desired floor level.

Panoramic lifts are widely used in Hotels, Shopping Malls and other important buildings.
We offer wide range of aesthetically designed panoramic elevators. We have in our range capsule elevators with three sided and five side glass cabins as well as full glass cabins. We have also launched a new version of capsule “IIGP ELEVATORS” with spiracle glass in the front. All the above models can be offered with combination of mild steel, stainless steel and gold plated stainless steel for rich aesthetic look.
We offer wide range of Freight Elevators for various kinds of applications with a capacity ranging from 1 ton to 100 tons. These elevators are normally used for industrial applications as well as other commercial applications. For an efficient design of goods lifts, we take into account the type of material to be transported, their weight/volume, so that an appropriate design can be offered for optimum utilization of the goods lift. The Freight Lift can be offered with manually operated collapsible gates and power operated doors to the choice and specifications of the customer.

Also we can additionally provide canveryas for material loading to present lifts.
IIGP Elevator world has solutions to your Elevator Needs in Application, Designs, Services, Low-Maintenance, Long life & Much More……….




• Easy to install and maintain
• It operates on Single Phase as well as 3 phase Power
• Eliminates machine room & save space.
• Highly recommended for Villas and Residence vibration free.
• Compact space for the shaft
• Hydraulic Power pack can be housed adjacent to the lift shaft
• We offer with a capacity ranging from 1 passengers to 50 passengers


• Only one load bearing wall is required
• High security/safety when compared to other conventional lifts
• Easy and Efficient Rescue Procedure.
• Easy & users friendly in maintains.
• Saves enormous time as installation is quicker compared to other lifts


Huge Power saving due to usage of Single Phase (Green Revolution)
• Compare to other lifts power consumption is low.
• Cost cutting on civil works, as there is no need of lift machine room.
• Save space which is big factor cost cutting or savings.
• Preserves and Improves the aesthetic of the building.